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Jay and Divya Mistry

My first introduction to Sobhag was when Divya’s sister Anju had announced that she had met a fine gentleman from Meru Kenya, now residing in the UK. Anju said she was planning to marry him on her birthday in December 2000.

Many a time I have experienced that he has a positive outlook on life and is always looking out for ways to help others. I personally noticed that he would aim to help family and people he meets, taking a hands-on approach to achieving tasks, whether it be delivering a Visa for someone’s passport, assistance in obtaining a driving licence and even getting people their very first car.

His marriage to Anju was celebrated in Dec 2000 on Anju’s Birthday at The Hare Krishna temple. His helping attitude always involved extending his hand to help others. He loves to travel and meet people; his passion for finding his roots led him to spend a few years gathering information about his families ancestry. If genealogy is not hard enough, Sobhag has held several shows in the UK with 30 Display boards illustrating The Life and Time of Mohandas Gandhi (Gandhiji) as well as exhibiting the Haria family tree. He is a perfectionist and a master on excel and word he often plans entire trips and holidays for the whole family diligently, considering what all members would like to do while abroad and strives to please everyone.

Divya says she is very grateful and will never forget the time when Sobhag brought Mummy and Pappa over from Zanzibar to live in the UK permanently helped them to settle in at the Kennedy Close property

He has been the most positive influence – showing us all how to be a better human with a heart of gold, someone who would help anyone in crisis. He has been always there for us since the time we have known him. He’s a man who would rather feed others than himself.

Mahir and Ansh have also remarked at how caring and giving their Masa is. Often going out of his way to ensure that when they are together that they are able to have the food that they like, able to do the activities they choose to do and the freedom to be autonomous with the kids’ group. They often recall the many good times spent at Center Parcs and how wholesome and family-oriented those moments away from home are, all thanks to their Masa being able to offer that resource for them to enjoy.

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