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Jeetal Laxman (DAR) Experience

My first experience with Sobhag uncle was in 2009-2010. He is somebody who looks out ahead for your future even in that particular moment you cannot see it but he is always looking out for your best. I remember when I first landed in London and I was living with Anju fai and him, to make my process seamlessly to college, he would make pack my lunches, guide me in my application for driving license. Even though in that particular moment, I may have not understood the importance of all these applications and processes that we were doing but today, I appreciate all the guidance he has given tome. 

One of the incidents I fondly remember was that Anju fai and Sobhaguncle were coming to drop me to my first day at university. My school of management building was getting close at 4pm and we got there at 3:30pm. He consoled me and told me not to worry and take my time. They waited for me patiently and then we went to my accommodation halls. As I had started my first year a month late, my roommate had occupied the entire room with her stuff but very kindly and lovingly Sobhag uncle and Anju fai helped me move everything in, moved my roommate’s stuff, helped me settle with my food items, helped my put-on new bedsheets. They made sure everything was up to date and they were satisfied with everything that they saw and if I ever needed anything they were just a call away. Whilst leaving from the car park, he had some spare change in his car and he had mentioned to keep them as it would help me. Even though I had said no several times tokeep those spare change but he insisted on keeping them not realizing too far away that those spare change would help me buy my first dining hall meal. Being new to the system and be it a weekend it took time to get my ID to buy meals at the dining halls. My first dining hall meal and experience at university that evening was from those spare change that Sobhag uncle had given them to me. It is the small things that he looks out for which we in that moment we cannot see but he can. 

I am truly grateful to him and Anju fai for all the things that they have done for my family and I. Thank you. Forever grateful to you both

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