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Dr Mohit Shah, currently lives in Mumbai – INDIA

I came in touch with Sobhagbhai regarding his friends son who was suffering from serious mental illness, my first impression about him was very good, he came across as very knowledgeable person, he was polite and willing to listen, he was genuinely concerned about wellbeing of his friends son.

After my first meeting, we frequently remained in touch as he kept referring patients from UK and Africa who needed mental health professional help as he was very happy seeing improvement in his friend’s son. Not only he made sure that all patients were able to reach out to me without any hassle, he also helped them financially for their treatment.

He and his wife make a very good couple and I have seen them helping so many people in need. Last year my wife and in-laws were in London, they were so impressed with his hospitality during the time they spent with Sobhagbhai.

I have lot of respect and gratitude for Sobhagbhai, he is the most physically and mentally fit above 70 gentleman I have ever met, I wish him all the best and pray that God gives him a very happy and healthy life.

June 2020

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