Sangeetha Balaji. Yoga tutor

 My name is Sangeetha Balaji and I live in Harrow – London. 

I was introduced to Sobhag Sir four years ago through his niece, after which he started his yoga sessions with me. 

Right from the beginning I was in awe of his punctuality and dedication. He committed to a three day a week practice and never missed a single lesson. When he was away, travelling, he made sure to restart his lessons as soon as he got back. During recent Lock Down, I was unable to continue at his premises, but he continued through Zoom. 

He is an extremely busy man, and yet always makes time for his family and friends, and really goes out of his way to support people around him. If I ever need help, I do not hesitate to contact him – he is always the first person to come to mind. He is also very generous, surprising us with sweets and other tokens of appreciation out of the blue, as well as sharing his knowledge and wealth with no qualms. 

He has never once treated me as just a yoga teacher and has always showed me the same levels of kindness and courtesy as he would anybody else. After classes he would always make sure to offer me refreshments, and he once was kind enough to gift my family and I Fitbits for my daughter’s birthday. During the Covid-19 outbreak he gave us a box of hand sanitisers, an extremely kind and thoughtful gift during a time when they were both scarce and expensive in stores. 

His positivity is something which has always stood out for me; whenever he faces a problem, he always focuses immediately on the solution without complaining, and is never afraid to wholeheartedly get involved with things. He always speaks his ‘Satya’ – his truth – sharing both his achievements and his failures with equal grace and ease, and without mincing his words. 

I am very humbled by him and am grateful for the opportunity to get to know him. 

I understand Sobhag’s representatives are planning to prepare his Biography on a website and this letter would be part of it including a photograph supplied by me. 

June 2020. 

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