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Praful Gajjar (GAWL)

Sobhag bhai, has been a source of encouragement in my life. Through some tough decision making he has always stood there for my family and I. You always get new ideas and get to learn new experiences with Sobhag bhai. Despite whatever age, gender, generation he is has always been motivating, supporting and encouraging everyone. 

I remember fondly when I visited the UK and how much he encouraged me to purchase a house. He stood there for us through thick and thin from purchasing house, to getting furniture and to get it up and running. He then encouraged to drive around London. He is all about the confidence and positive energy. 

These are just a few things mentioned but in reality, he has done a lot more than words could ever describe such a man. He is special and there are not many who would ever go above and beyond for any and everyone. A thank you is not enough for him and Anju. We will never forget everything that he has done for my family and I.

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