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Wipro Legal Notice

You need to send them a response to the communication based on your facts. In any case, in order to recover this amount from you, they must bring an action for recovery and only this legal notice is insufficient. Have you consulted a local lawyer who specializes in labour/service matters and showed all documented documents, including legal notices? It seems that the company was right to send you the legal notice, since you did not respect the notice period and left the service shortly after 1 day. If authorized by the company, each employee takes the company with him. Please contact the company`s human resources department for an amicable solution, indicating that you were not aware of any notice period after the end of the loan period. I will make them aware of these points by replying to the email, as they have confirmed the details and are asking for a new adjustment. Response to the legal notice, indicating the commitment period and no violation of the notice period. They do not meet the appointment deadline. Even after the commitment period, you must cancel and respect the required notice period, even if there was no project to work on. 2) If you have left the company after the expiry of the notice period, no sum is due and payable by you 1) You must hire a lawyer and comply with the legal notice Do I still have to respond separately to the legal opinion to the law firm KKDN Rechtsanwaltskanzlei, as I am already in communication regarding the clarification and agreement with the relevant customer Wipro.

Since they mentioned in the legal notice that I should pay the amount within ten days or I agree to pay all legal fees incurred to bring this to court. If this is the case, just inform the law firm with information that I have a request for clarification of readjustment openly with wipro. Please help me with this so that I can consult a lawyer or not. Thank you very much. On 02-02-2017, I received another letter from the law firm KKDN on behalf of Wipro, stating that I had to pay the amount within 10 days, as I was informed by Wipro and did not receive any notification, otherwise the case will be taken to court and intimidate me with civil and criminal cases. 1. The employer may not, without valid reason, terminate the employment relationship of a worker who has been continuously employed for at least six months without giving him at least one month`s written notice or replacing him with wages, for a worker who has been continuously employed for at least one year, an indemnity equal to fifteen average daily wages for each continuous year of employment: Any dismissal must be made in writing by the employer and a copy of the dismissal order must be made available to the inspector responsible for the sector within three days of the dismissal. Then they will tell you first that they can later file a restoration complaint for the same.

If your bonding period has expired and you are not in the project, this can be used as a basis for your response to the legal notice. In addition, if there is another condition mentioned later in your application, you must forcibly comply with a notice period, regardless of the bond or project. Bonds are unenforceable and illegal. PERIOD. They should have asked a lawyer rather than Randia. Offer a response to the aforementioned legal notice without delay. I deal with similar cases. You can definitely get relief, provided you receive a reply message legally. Without seeing the content, I cannot say what defence we can take. However, at first glance, such termination cannot be issued because you have not been under a project and more on the bond period completed. Please send your cancellation copy to my Wattsup and I will practice in Bangalore.

Please call me. A collection request can help recover the money. Even if you`re on the safe side, hire a lawyer and let them sort it out. Remember, a bad compromise is better than a good legal deal. It will be your duty to provide a response to the legal notice received. 3) The company would sue you to recover Rs 50k if you left before the notice period Sir will respond to the legal notice as soon as possible. You can take legal action to get money back against you. Even if you have completed the bonding period, the conditions may mention that you must cancel before you leave, as it is best that you explain to them in your notice the problems you have left. Most people leave such a company because of harassment, so it`s best to respond to the notification.

GO through (name of state you were in) Law on stores and estbs, rules of stores and estbs, standing orders (model / certified) and notice period / pay in your case can = NONE …………….. “This employment contract may be terminated without giving any reason, each party giving one month`s notice during the trial period and two months` notice. Wipro reserves the right to pay or recover wages in lieu of a notice period. In addition, Wipro may, in its sole discretion, release you from any date it deems appropriate prior to the expiration of the notice period. However, if Wipro wishes the employee to continue the employment relationship during the notice period, it must do so. “Hi, even I stopped last year and now the same thing is happening to me. Can you please tell me what happened to the legal case and what the company did? As a remedy, provide an appropriate response to legal advice after consulting a lawyer. Send a response to this legal notice refuting their allegations against you and disclaiming any liability for the payment of these 50K. Yes, you must comply with the legal notice. You must reject the allegations and reject the required responsibility in the imprint. If the contract provided for a notice period, you were obliged to comply with it.

Either way, respond to your lawyer`s communication. If the regulation provides for a notice period = nil, it cannot even last 1 day in any of the documents. and such a clause in private documents may be INVALID. I want to leave the WiPro company because my health is not good and the salary is, I can`t stay there and I need parental care to recover, so how can I get out of the company without paying the deposit? 1) If you have a letter of suretyship, a letter of termination, and a complete and final settlement letter, you can send a copy to that law firm or person. You can contact a lawyer to get the same. You can respond to the same lawyer and refute any false facts in the communication. If you need services, you can contact me via Kaanoon under my email ID [deleted] If they file a complaint, it must be challenged by you, filing a response to the legal notice will help you fight later. Please respond to the imprint. Have it created by a lawyer if necessary. If you remain inactive and do not respond to the company`s two communications, they will certainly take action against you.

I joined Wipro Hyderabad Technologies on May 16, 2011 as a Fresher. I had to leave the company on May 25, 2011, after speaking verbally with the HR supervisor and sending an email from my Wipro email account with the reasons for leaving the company. I had a medical emergency because of my father`s surgery. Later, I received two letters from them asking me to pay the bail amount, which I ignored. In the third letter, I was threatened with legal action if I did not pay the amount. I was advised to send a letter written to Wipro to let them know that I was ready to retaliate. I did, and after that, I received a letter from their law firm (KKDN Law Firm) asking me to pay within 10 days or I could be sued. Does not set a notice period for employees, but a notice period for the employer.