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I Tina, currently live in Slough, London.

I have met Sobhag uncle and Anju aunty in February 2019, but when we spoke, we got connected like I knew them from long time. They also invited me to their home in Harrow. I visited them one day and since then it is my second home. I managed a Restaurant in Harrow then, Uncle use to bring me healthy and tasty homemade laddoos and bhakris all the time as he knew about my eating disorder, when he couldn’t drop them at my work place, he travels all the way to Colnbrook near Heathrow, where I live, it is a big distance for him to drive, but he always do it. He always push me to make sure I am following my eating schedules. My parents live in Mumbai, India, but they are relieved now that they know uncle and aunty is always there for me. Uncle also pushed me for my driving and he was very happy when I cleared my driving test. When my company was launching a new branch under my charge, this was a big challenge for my career, Uncle Aunty visited me on the inauguration and as any parents will do, they feeded me ‘Dahi’ for a best luck. Uncle and Aunty are very enthusiastic that I feel more energetic just by being around them. I feel safe with the care and attention they bring on me.

June 2020