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Ridhi Lalji

I met Sobhag uncle and Anju aunty when I was a little girl. They treated me like a daughter, and I would always sleep over at their house during my school holidays. Uncle would take the kids out regularly so that we could all take part in different activities together. There was literally never a day where we were bored or had nothing to do. He always wanted us to meet new people and try new things which was sweet because it’s something I can do comfortably now. Fast forward to over 10 years later, I have graduated from university and decided to take a year off before starting my career. I had no idea how I’d manage but uncle and aunty have made sure I’m emotionally, mentally, and financially stable through this time. There have been some ups and downs, but they’ve supported me the entire time. They’ve helped me get my driver’s licence and a car which I appreciate massively, and one day I’ll do the same for someone else. Uncle is also always dropping snacks and fruits to my house which I love because everything is always so yum!! So happy birthday uncle, I’m grateful for everything and I hope your day is full of happiness and celebration!!!

Ridhi Lalji


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