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Kavit & Dharmini

Sobhag bhai has been a huge part of our married lives over the last twenty years.  He has always encouraged us to bring the extended family together through different social events.  Family life and social life is an important part of Sobhag bhai’s values.  We personally know that he has gone out of his way to sponsor so many people and help them to settle their lives in the UK thereafter.

Sobhag bhai has always led by example. His kind-hearted nature is always evident, whether it be through helping someone with advice or financial help.  Over the years, he has often motivated us to do social work in our own capacity.  

Our children, Jagvi said Sobhag kaka is an inspirational figure and she loves listening to his life stories.  Rudra reiterated this and added that Sobhag kaka is a caring man that likes to share his experiences with others.  Rudra was very thankful that Sobhag kaka was around to help when he fell ill in Mumbai during our visit all together in 2019.

In essence, the following is a very brief summary of some of Sobhag bhai’s key qualities:

S – Sobhag bhai is sophisticated and special

O – One of a kind

B – Baffling and bodacious

H – Headstrong and helpful

A – and 

G – Generous and giving by nature.

To describe Sobhagbhai in a few words is not possible and all we can do is make a small dent in describing this awesome personality.

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