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Dhiru & Rami

We Dhiru and Rami are currently living in Stanmore, London.


We came to talking closely after Sobhag Haria (previously Shah) joined CLUB 25 and our regular meeting every month. It has been always a good conversation in light of our conversation he would always have a different and deep angle to talk about very few have. it has been enjoyable to continue and explore more our deep thinking. We both talked about food which is always to talk about with a view of healthy living.

Although we meet once a month for club 25 now we have our Habari Club, which has given all our couple associates a very good bonding feel and closeness.  Meeting each other, dinners and holiday plans have brought us like a ‘One Big Family’ with lots of friendship. Always looking forward to our meeting and enjoyment when we gather. Just wish our friendship with him and his wife Anju and the rest of the Habari and Club 25 associates become forever. Wish Sobhag and Anju best of luck for the future.


First time I met Sobhag bhai, in Edgware. He was living in Stone grove flats and we were in Lake View. After that we met once in NatWest Bank in Edgware where we had a chat for 5 minutes. After that we met through club 25 twice a year but he don’t get much time because we are about 70 to 80 people. 

I came to know Sobhag well when he came to drop us at home from Ekta’s as Julan went home with Priyanka with the car keys in his pocket. Dhiru phoned Julan to come and pick but Sobhag said no we will drop you. That time Sobhag and Anju came home for a cup of tea, but we ended up talking and few hours went by and we made garam garam khichi. We talked about Nairobi, Meru, my mama who he knows very well. Also, Bhagwanjibhai and Monghiben very good friend of my mum and dad.

I can’t forget the exhibition of Mahatma Ghandhi which was at Swaminarayan Mandir in Stanmore. Also Sobhag kept a party of his new granddaughter (daughter of Sheena) at Ekta which was different than usual parties.

Really we came to know each other was in AGADIR in September 2017 for 1 week. We had common interest of breakfast table talking about healthy food and health. We both love fruits and seeds. I can’t write everything but we used to have good discussion when going for walk with Anju and the rest of the group. I will never forget Sobhag has a heart of gold both including Anju. When Modi came, he brought 3 boxes of Dhosa na Ladu at Julan’s house and I asked why so many and the answer he gave was “We know you are more people”. Believe me! The Ladus were shared by other people who came to see us. Again heart of gold!

Lastly on Wednesday 3rd June 2020 lots of varieties of fresh fruit were sent again. The whole family shared and enjoyed, including three grand children and all of them said how kind of them and a big thank you to Anju and Sobhag bhai. Lots of Love and be happy

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