Ridhi Lalji (Dina)

My name is Ridhi Lalji, Dina’s daughter and we live in Harrow, London.

I first met Sobhag uncle and Anju aunty at around 2005. From the moment I met them, I instantly felt welcomed as they treated me like a daughter. They were both so cheerful and humble that I’ve never felt like an outsider in their home. 

I remember going over to uncle’s house for sleepovers and playing with Nidhi, who’s name, ironically, is almost exactly the same as mine, Ridhi. It became a regular thing and little me would always look forward to going over. 

Sobhag uncle has helped me and my family tremendously, introduced us to new things, gave us access to many opportunities and took care of us from the bottom of his heart. Uncle is one of the purest and hospitable people I have met and as an impressionable young girl, I was inspired by the nobility displayed by both, uncle and aunty. I feel grateful to have met such charitable and kind-hearted people who have influenced me to persevere and help those who are in hardship and are suffering amongst us. I will always appreciate every single experience I shared with uncle as a young girl which has contributed to shaping me into the young woman I am today.

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