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Nila and Mahesh Gosrani

We currently live in Stanmore, London.

An eventful life such as yours has been, should be chronicled for posterity and I am so pleased that you are actually doing it after talking about it for quite some time.
Ever since I have met you, I think about 15 years ago, at our Club25, I have thoroughly enjoyed talking to you as you always have something interesting to talk about.
Listening to your life history from your childhood in Meru has been fascinating and we know that it will continue till the end.
Your entrepreneurial spirit is amazing and your innovative ideas in all your businesses are a demonstration of your creative mind with no fear of taking risks involved. 
However, what Nila and I both truly admire about you is your love for your family and friends and your generous, helpful nature. 
You have a warm heart of gold in which your loving, beautiful wife fits in perfectly and keeps you well-nourished with her culinary expertise.
Nila and I wish you a very Happy birthday on your 70th and wish you lots of love, peace and happiness in your life ahead. 

June 2020     

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