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Biography by Anna Meerkin

My name is Anna Meerkin and I live in Pinner, London. A friendship was formed with Sobhag Haria when he moved into the flat that was directly opposite mine around October 2010.

There have been some challenging situations in my life and therefore, I wish to write about how Sobhag has been a great source of support to me. When my health and my husband’s health came with great problems, he would offer acts of kindness, either to do shopping for us, and many other areas of help.

When my husband Brian died and I was own my own, Sobhag was very helpful. His support to me again offering any areas of assistance I couldn’t manage.

I could call him anytime, I needed to. His family have welcomed me into their home, giving me delicious food to take with me, before I leave.

I become unwell and this became a continuous series of operations that left me unable to function and particularly my mobility. Sobhag was a wonderful neighbour and friend, being there for me at all times.

He is a man of great integrity, kindness and honesty. Sobhag has wonderful humanitarian qualities and I feel very fortunate to have him as my neighbour and friend.

I understand Sobhag’s representatives are planning to prepare his Biography on a website and this letter would be part of it including a photograph supplied by me. June 2020

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