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Nidhi, Himanshu, Twisha and Garv

Dear Sobhag Uncle,

I know this is quite delayed and we have definitely missed the opportunity to feature on your timeline/biography. We got a bit carried away, trying to be creative in how we express ourselves and while it is delayed, we still wanted to share our feelings for you.

You gave us a family in the UK, introduced us to a different culture, cuisine and a different thought process. Your journey has been truly inspiring and your caring nature surprises us – we still have such good people around us!

We have written a short poem for you – hope you like it. Also, sharing some photos with you.

We first met in March 2011 at Pinner station,

You came to receive us and we made an instant connection.

 We were surprised by your kind gesture – our first experience in London so far

Little Twisha screamed and said “this is my dada’s car!”

We had our family back in India, but now in UK too

You welcomed us at the celebrations and even the Club Millionaire’s do.

 We distinctly remember all the fun time at Norfolk, Vrush’s wedding and karaoke night

And your bringing us the sweets at all occasions and the methi pak was such a brilliant delight! 

 You gave us your blessings at every occasion small or big,

Like when we bought our first home and at Garv’s naming gig!

 Now it’s your special 70 and we would like to say

May God give you a long and healthy life and here’s wishing you a Very Happy Birthday!!

Kind Regards

Nidhi, Himanshu, Twisha and Garv

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