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Chandni, Jay and Kaylan Patel

My name is Chandni Patel. I am married and a mother to a beautiful baby Kaylan. I live in Mwanza, Tanzania. 
I have known Sobhag uncle (who I proudly call papa) for 10 years now. I met Papa and Anju Aunty for the first time in 2010 when I had visited India. I still remember their warm and friendly personality whilst showing us around Mumbai. Papa made sure we tried all the popular restaurants and visited all landmarks during our short visit of 4 days.  
Shortly after the India visit, I moved to the UK for pursual of my ACCA studies and lived with Papa and Anju Aunty. I particularly remember the first day I moved in, there was a delicious feast of food, and every new day there was a variety of yummy traditional Gujarati food made by Nanima and Anju aunty which I really enjoyed. There are so many memories made with the entire family for which this note would not be enough.
Papa and Anju aunty has taken care of me as their daughter. I have gained a second set of parents in both of them and grandparents in Nanima and Nanabapa. They had given me a family when my own family was away in Tanzania. They are my second family in the UK. Papa and Aunty have always guided and supported me and still do so whenever I have needed them. They have always protected me every step of the way. They have taught me everything from life lessons, being independent, caring for others, positive thinking, Exercising & healthy lifestyle, learning to cook from Nanima and the list is endless. They would always encourage and praise me if I attempted to make anything for them (even though I was sure it wasn’t tasting right) they would still have it with a smile on their face. What I adore most about Papa and Anju aunty is the strong and positive bond and understanding they hold and the care they have for each other and for everyone around them. 
Papa has always taught us never to give up in life and always keep going. I am forever grateful to Papa and Anju Aunty as it would have been difficult to complete my studies without their support. It is partly because of their life teachings, prayers and blessings that I am now a Certified Chartered Accountant and worked as an auditor for PricewaterhouseCoopers in Tanzania. 
Thank you for always being there for me. All those memories will forever be cherished in my heart.

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