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Sobhag and The Thursday – Elite Club

I Ashwin Shah, currently living in Harrow, London. I first recall meeting Sobhag in 1992 at the Thursday Club hosted at the time in Mill Hill.

Sobhag being a very generous and sociable person enjoys uniting people, engendering friendships and building lasting relationships – this ethos being his guiding principle for this Club and not merely for the purpose of gathering for a meal and drinks!

By way of an example, Sobhag’s first priority after he purchased his Edgware property in 1993, was to furnish it

  to a very high standard, with an ultimate goal to host the Thursday Club at this venue for many years.  The Thursday Club being a “Karoga Club” where meals would be prepared from scratch – members would each week buy fresh ingredients and collectively prepare meals.  The freshly made food was so delicious that any left-overs were eagerly taken home as a “take-away”.  From small beginnings with approximately 10-12 members meeting on a regular basis each Thursday evening, this progressively increased to 20+ members whereby lasting friendships developed and we were like one large extended family.

Everybody looked forward to attending the Club and would not miss a single meeting unless absolutely necessary.  The nature and ethos of the Club endeared members to bring new guests on a regular basis and those visiting from abroad would make a point of attending this unique Club.

Additionally, social gatherings were held with spouses on a regular basis and all enjoyed the comradeship.  These strong friendships built over 26 years still continue to this day, whereby we still meet occasionally and regularly keep in touch via social media – this is because of Sobhag’s nature and tenacity in being an instrumental force in its ongoing success.

Sobhag loves and thrives on gathering people and entertaining whole heartedly – aside of the Club events, over these many years’, he has always extended this spirit of friendship by way of inviting Club members and spouses to his various joyous social, personal and family celebrations.

All Club members have found Sobhag to be a truly generous, whole hearted, sociable and accommodating person.  Sobhag is known to go out of his way to help and assist whenever or wherever required – this being his true and generous nature.

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