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Dips Food Ltd – Dipen Shah

Hello Sobhag Bhai,

Sorry for the late email as we have been so busy.

I hope you all are keeping well.

Friends are truly life’s treasure. Sometimes they know you better than we know ourselves. 

It’s been said that our friendship goes a long way, whether we speak everyday, every week, every month, you always feel like you spoke yesterday.

I have known you for over 40 years since Kenya and it’s great that we are still in contact.

You have always supported us which we really appreciate but the friendship we all have is priceless. You have a heart of gold as you have always given your friends and family Penda, Ladu, Nasto, etc for all occasions without thinking twice including people in India & Kenya.

Damu, Dipen and I (Mahendra) would like to wish you a very happy 70th Birthday! 

(We still remember your 60th Birthday as if it was like yesterday)

Kind Regards

Dipen Shah

Dips Foods Limited. Honeypot Business Centre, Unit 12 Parr Road, Stanmore, HA7 1NL 

Office:   020 8951 0326 

Website:  |


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