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Sona and Beju Haria

Hi Kaka

As a person you are confident, patient and put others before you. 

I see these qualities is my children every day. Pasha is extremely patient and focused on what she wants. She is not competitive. These are all your qualities. 

Shrey is very social and a go getter. Again, your qualities. 

Your joy is very evident with everything your grandchildren achieve. You encourage and advice. You help without being asked. These are all qualities i would like to see in my children especially in the world we live in now where it is not so common. 

You treasure every minute you spend with everyone. You don’t take anything for granted. 

You are also an extremely intelligent person. When I hear Shrey talk about his future your achievements pop up all the time. You are his role model in the business industry.

[07:31, 23/06/2020] Sona Beju NRB: Once Corona is over, I would love for you to take both Shrey and pasha anywhere (including London) and spend a week with them. What they will learn with being with you will be irreplaceable and something they shall treasure. We live far so these opportunities of spending time with you don’t come so often but if we make an effort it is possible. Take them away and talk to them from morning to evening. They will appreciate it

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