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Kishore Shah

A brief piece on Sobhag Haria by Kishore Shah

Sobhag and I became vevai through my son’s marriage to his brother Navin’s daughter 25 years ago. During this vevai to vevai relationship of a quarter of a cetury, we had met, as far as I remember, on 2 occasions only. First at his 60th birthday party and then at Ekta centre where he organised multi national dinner event. How I now wish I had kept in touch.

After I moved from Southgate to Harrow Sobhag initiated a closer relationship which has continued and flourished. On several occasions he has invited me home to share some delicious dishes prepared by his lovely wife Anjuben and several times to restaurants with family and friends. 

He has personally brought home some delicious dishes prepared by Anjuben. Sobhag has been a very successful entrepreneur in Kenya as well as in Britain. In Kenya he was involved in retail and manufacturing from a very young age of 18. In Britain currently he owns Nursing homes having initially started in retail and restaurant.

A true gentleman Sobhag is always ready to go out of his way to help anyone. He adopted several young people and saw them through until they have been well settled.

Below are some of the photos of places I was invited to.

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