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Hiten and Deepa Somaiya

We Hiten and Deepa currently living in Mumbai.

The first time I heard about Sobhag uncle was through my youngest sister Manisha living in the UK. I remember the time when she was struggling a lot and he looked after her and made sure she stood up on her own feet. What’s surprising is she did not have any relations with him and yet he looked after her. I didn’t believe that in this materialistic self centered world, there is a kind heart – selfless loving. He had been her father and a great mentor and in those days of knowing him through her eyes and feeling I got attached towards a man I haven’t met then. But certainly, I knew n felt deep in my heart that my sister will be face n protected from the challenges of this world.

Manisha found the fatherly and a comfort of her family that she missed and had left behind in India. 

It wasn’t until my sister’s wedding here in Mumbai (around 30.04.2006) when I met Sobhag uncle for the first time, we instantly got connected. He had a warm and welcoming personality that made me remind of my father. The resemblance was uncanny!

With his attitude towards life and the way he lives his life made a huge impact on the way I perceived the world. There is not a single event where he hasn’t invited us (even when I am 5000 miles away). 

The memories we have built over the years is unforgettable. Especially: 

His 60th birthday which we were invited and attended during June 2010 in Watford, London.

Around 21.12.2012, they came to Mumbai and joint us to Surat for Jagruti’s marriage.

My first road trip with him to Aurangabad is the one I am going to hold on to.

He has had a massive influence on my children, He blends with them and is a friend to them. I have met many people in my life, but he is an honest and virtuous man. He has a hunger to learn and to share knowledge with others and very few have an ability to do so.

 My wife says he blended with us like sugar in milk. We didn’t realise when he became such a big part of our family. There are not many words in the dictionary yet to describe the person he is, and I am very grateful to have a person like him in my life.

Jun 2020

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