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Got married in a Hindu traditional way

Got married in a Hindu traditional way

Got married in a Hindu traditional way. Close friends & relatives. 

Anju dressed in red saree.

Start breakfast.

Vidhi with Sobhag & Anju.

Maharaj does chandlas to every one.

Dholl team led by Shanil stats beat. Leads the Jann. Sobhag and male side relatives follow singing and dancing, including Manisha.

Mummy pokhvanu Sobhag

Anju puts garlands on Sobhag

Pappa & Mummy performs kanyadan vidhi.

Shanil plays Dholl, Anju comes forward, young girls spray flower petals.

Anju sits opposite Sobhag. Maharaj performs vidhi. Everyone listens and watch.

Anju puts garlands on Sobhag, Sobhag on Anju, now take a seat together.

Mahar lits the fire, stat vidhi of 4 feras, once completed.

Mangal sutra vidhi.

Kanku vidhi.

Feeding each other vidhi.

Saat padi.

4 ladies tell something in Anju’s ears

Once finished, Sobhag & Anju get up and go to Mataji for blessings.

Then Pappa & Mummy ashirwad.

Then Maharaj ashirwad.

Family photos and greeting. Now married with Hindu ceremony.


Mataji at home.

Anju sits next to Mataji and starts vidhi by cleaning ladies toes.

Once all done, everyone starts lunch.


Musicians get ready.

Start garba.


Comes evening and now dinner time. 

More music.


Next day utapaa.


Dismentling of Mataji and lighting.

Light lunch.

Came in all three papers. Ramu attended from USA.

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