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Civil Wedding to Anju Sobhag Gajjar

Civil Wedding to Anju Sobhag Gajjar

Sobhag Raichand Haria & Anju Sobhag Gajjar on December 9, 2000, when he was 50 years of age

We registered our court marriage with Anju at Harrow Civic Centre, About 20 people (including Mr & Mrs Wharton, Pauline and Barry) were invited to witness the ceremony. My father in law witnessed for Anju and Hemrajbenevi for me. Next, we went to Hare Krishna Mandir in Watford where we performed Mangalsutra & Sindoor ceremony and took group photos. Jay took photos of both the ceremonies. Later we went to Grimsdyke Pub, Bushey. where everyone had a drink and then came home for lunch which included Siro, bateta nu shaak, matarbhat, gota bhajia and hot puris. For those who stayed in the evening, we ordered Pizzas from Papu Miya.

The next day in the evening we held our marriage reception at Whitesands in Wembley together with my in-laws 41st Anniversary.

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