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Kruteen Praful. Gajjar

My Testimonial

My name is Kruteen Praful Gajjar and currently live in Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania

The first time Sobhag uncle and I met was in August 2003, during my aunt’s wedding, in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. Five years later, in September 2008 I requested a sponsorship letter from him to be my guardian as part of the UK Visa application process for my university studies. Together with Anju fai, they helped in many situations such as writing recipes, setting up my room in halls, stocking my kitchen with foodstuffs, staying on weekends at his house, dropping me to university, celebrating birthdays/anniversaries, and to settling us in our first flat in London.   

Later, we met during the December holidays on our trip to India in 2016. This was a fun and memorable trip as I enjoyed learning and trying different cuisines and cultures in various parts of India. I remember he taught me how to ride a scooter. It was a very fun experience especially when I could take my little cousin on a long ride from the hotel to the beach. Eventually, I got to know him better during my sister’s wedding when he shared his life experiences with me during long walks on the jetty at the hotel in Zanzibar.

Sobhag uncle has played a key role in helping me during my lowest point in life in 2017. I needed someone who could understand my medical condition and he was ready to lend a helping hand. Besides my mother, the first person who I thought could understand my situation was Sobhag uncle whom I contacted to fly to Mumbai. He took care of me, listened to my wishes or discomforts that I faced in the hospital. 

Furthermore, during a recent visit to India in March 2020, he hired a personal trainer to help me with exercise in the mornings.  He made sure I attended all my sessions on time, gained some physical strength, and had a healthy routine. We made a quick trip to see the Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel statue in Gujarat which was very inspiring. Sobhag uncle enlightened me on the importance of India’s first Prime Minister’s role during independence.

Sobhag uncle is a very caring, thoughtful, confident, humble, and loving person. He is a strong leader and I aspire to be like him one day. My words cannot express how much he has done for my family and me on numerous occasions. I am forever grateful to God to have him and Anju fai as part of my family. Thank you for making me a small part of your book and best wishes for the future.

I understand Sobhag’s representatives are planning to prepare his Biography on a website and this letter would be part of it including a photograph supplied by me.

June 2020.


Kruteen Gajjar.

Best Regards,

Kruteen Gajjar 

M +255 785 545086